Jan 19 – A Big Plate

With all your heart
you must trust the LORD
and not your own judgment.          ~~Proverbs 3:5

Take a moment and write down all the toils you can think of that you’ve endured.  What about this morning?  Yesterday? Last month or last year?  Do you remember, during these times, asking how much can you take?  How much toil, disappointment, grief, agony, despair?  How much darkness can a life lead before it gives up?

Moses and Aaron’s experiences, as they went through the battle to release the Jews from Egypt’s grip, gives us insight into not just what we can take, but what we need to do to take more.

God promises to make the Pharaoh’s heart hard,
 “But I will harden Pharaoh’s heart,…”               ~~Exodus 7:3 

God turns Aaron’s rod into a snake.   The Pharaoh’s sorcerers, using secret arts, did the same.  Aaron’s snakes ate theirs

God turns the water of the Nile to blood, killing all things within it and creating a stench.. The Pharaoh’s sorcerers, using secret arts, did the same.

God brings frogs to cover the land of Egypt.  The Pharaoh’s sorcerers, using secret arts, did the same   The Pharaoh asked Moses to fix the situation and he would grant their wish … He lied.

The local Hebrews were angry, hurt, frustrated, frightened, disappointed, and scared.  Every act of Moses and Aaron, directly or indirectly, brought more agony.

Have you placed your faith in God?  Do you give each day, each hour, each moment to him?  Do you take the bad things that happen in your life and seek out the light in them?  Do you stay encouraged by the hope or discouraged by the realities you see?

Father, we each feel like our lives are full of plates, precious china plates, that we cannot let drop.  We forget that they are plates you made and when we let you help manage them, they never drop.  Let us stay mindful of You and your plate management.


Published by: seekersofchrist

After a time of rest, it's time to resurrect this blog with a light on prayer and building our own personal prayer garden. A woman of faith, I want to share my personal insights into God and the Gospel in the hopes that these touch another heart, encouraging them to come to Christ.

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