Jan 23 – Accountability

As a believer, we are forgiven!  Amen!  So now, I can do what I want right?  I’m already forgiven after all.

The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20) ESV

  • God said to the people of Israel: I am the LORD your God, the one who brought you out of Egypt where you were slaves.
  • Do not worship any god except me.
  • Do not make idols that look like anything in the sky or on earth or in the ocean under the earth. …  I am the LORD your God, and I demand all your love.
  • Do not misuse my name. I am the LORD your God, and I will punish anyone who misuses my name.
  • Remember that the Sabbath Day belongs to me. You have six days when you can do your work, but the seventh day of each week belongs to me, your God.
  • Respect your father and your mother, and you will live a long time in the land I am giving you.
  • Do not murder.
  • Be faithful in marriage.
  • Do not steal.
  • Do not tell lies about others.
  • Do not want anything that belongs to someone else.

God makes it perfectly clear what He expects from His people.  Jesus tells us to forgive one another which tells us that being already forgiven does not mean we don’t falter and it does not mean we are automatically clean.

The message delivered is accountability and that the ‘punishment’ is to match the ‘crime’.  We will all be held accountable for how we did with obeying the commandments given to us.

Father, forgive me for the arrogance of assuming my being forgiven and not concerning myself with my actions.  Open my eyes Lord so I can recognize sin when it is before me and fill me with the Holy Spirit so I can turn and walk away from it.


Published by: seekersofchrist

After a time of rest, it's time to resurrect this blog with a light on prayer and building our own personal prayer garden. A woman of faith, I want to share my personal insights into God and the Gospel in the hopes that these touch another heart, encouraging them to come to Christ.

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