Jan 25 – Where’s your Ark?

“Then put in the ark the Testimony, which I will give you.”  ~~Exodus 25:16

The Ark of the Covenant gave the Hebrews the rules they were required to follow perfectly in order to build a home, a place, where they would keep the promises God is about to give them.  As you read today’s thoughts, I ask you to put yourself in their sandals.  Could you have met what is asked of our ancestors?

The instructions end with the command that
“…Aaron and his sons are to keep the lamps
burning before the LORD from evening till morning.”   ~~ Exodus 27:21 (sel.)

To my knowledge, today, no one knows where the actual Ark is or what became of it.  The same is true of the written Covenant we received at that time. Also, as I understand it, Jewish synagogues build their tabernacles in respect to the original guidelines given in the Covenant and in some way have an actual ark to honor that.  They have a physical symbol of the fact that God gave us instructions, words, etc.  It’s a physical reminder to them about what has been asked of them; of the Ark that kept their most valuable connection to God.

Today, I ask each of us, where (or what) is your ark?

Do you keep God in a box and break Him out only when it’s convenient for you?  Only when you’re suppose to?  Do you carry a bible and not read or write in it because it’s sacred?  Do you only approach God and ask for forgiveness when you’re told by a ‘holy man’ (whatever that means to you) that you may do so?  Do you realize your ark is in yourself?   It is your heart, your soul.  It is intended to be shared with everyone, all the time.  God tears down the curtains He had the Hebrews so meticulously make and hang, when His Son, our Lord and Savior removes the need for us to have a physical ark to bow to and keep protected, hidden.

Thank you Lord for the wonderfully, awesome gift of your Son and the new Covenant.


Published by: seekersofchrist

After a time of rest, it's time to resurrect this blog with a light on prayer and building our own personal prayer garden. A woman of faith, I want to share my personal insights into God and the Gospel in the hopes that these touch another heart, encouraging them to come to Christ.

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