Jan 26 – Appearances

God placed such significance on appearance, on representation of Him.  This is but the beginning of the instructions:

“These are the garments they are to make:
a breast piece, an ephod, a robe, a woven tunic, a turban and a sash. 
Have them use gold, and blue, purple and scarlet yarn, and fine linen.”
Make the ephod of gold, and of blue, purple and scarlet yarn,
and of finely twisted linen—the work of a skilled craftsman.
It is to have two shoulder pieces attached to two of its corners,
so it can be fastened. Its skillfully woven waistband is to be like it
—of one piece with the ephod and made with gold,
and with blue, purple and scarlet yarn, and with finely twisted linen.” ~~Exodus 28:5-8

For those of you whom have ever sewed, you can see what a chore laid before the tribes tasked to dress the priests.  As you read through all the passages do you feel the weight of the outfit being prepared for Aaron (who is an old man) and his sons?  Obviously they were very strong physically.

This story makes me thankful we have Jesus Christ and the new Covenant.  I can’t help but think that the reason God made such high demands and placed so many visual symbols in front of, and in Aaron’s case on, them.  Human nature is to forget or put aside that which we don’t see or feel or taste or touch.  For those of you that attend church, can you imagine your pastor wearing the garb of Aaron, all the time?

Fortunately for us, God wants us believers to be dressed in but one thing; Him.  I love being able to go to church as formally or informally as I feel like it.  Jesus, the greatest prophet, teacher, and man of all time wore a dress (tunic) and sandals; and he was never chastised by the Father for not being in the right dress; just praised for being right in the heart.  Don’t let appearances keep you from worshipping with your fellow man, you can’t see what is inside so you can’t know the true beauty of that person, just as they can’t see the true beauty that is in you.  Go in your jeans or your tuxes, your sandals or boots or sneakers or heels.  Wear 1,000 piercings or tattoos (or both) or none.  IT DOES NOT MATTER.  It only matters that you go with a heart prepared and wanting to worship the Lord!

Abba, fill our souls, touch our hearts, clear our eyes and ears.  Let us see the beautifully way you’ve dressed us and celebrate in it!  Let us remember that all you ask of us is for us to accept your invitation and to believe in Your Son, our Lord and Savior.  Thank you Father for removing the demands placed on the Israelites.  I have to wonder though, would our world be a better place if we still had such rules?  If we had such temples and arks and clothing?  If people could see and be reminded of their place in Your Holy Kingdom?  Has not having these expectations enforced on us daily allowed Satan to take a greater hold of us?  Or is that it?  Did you remove the oppressions to ensure our belief was that of our choosing and not the result of rules?  Thank you God for loving us and giving us your story.


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After a time of rest, it's time to resurrect this blog with a light on prayer and building our own personal prayer garden. A woman of faith, I want to share my personal insights into God and the Gospel in the hopes that these touch another heart, encouraging them to come to Christ.

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