Feb 26 – The Legal System, Government, and God

Believers agree on one thing, God is our King and there is only one King as there is only one God.  Why do we need government?   Why do we need people judging others?   Why do we need one group of people telling the others what to do?

Because God, in His wisdom of knowing the chaos that would ensue and the corruption, not to mention the inability of man to recognize right from wrong, saw that we needed it.  But also, in His wisdom, He gives guidance on the consequences of setting Him and His rules aside.

Like it or not, God recognizes the need for a judicial system, for law.  If for no other reason because of our respect for God, we should respect our legal system. We may need to strive for changes in it, to bring it back in line with what was intended, but we are to honor it.

Appoint judges and officials
for each of your tribes in every town
the LORD your God is giving you,
and they shall judge the people fairly. …
Follow justice and justice alone,
so that you may live and possess the land
the LORD your God is giving you.           –Deuteronomy 16:18-20 (sel.)
 Go to the priests, who are Levites,
and to the judge who is in office at that time.
Inquire of them and they will give you the verdict.
You must act according to the decisions
they give you at the place the LORD will choose. …
The man who shows contempt for the judge
or for the priest who stands ministering there
to the LORD your God must be put to death.    -Deuteronomy 17:9-12 sel.

Father, as we face this year’s elections, let all believers be mindful of your direction that we need government and have responsibility for taking part in the process, voting for whom believe is the person You want leading us.  after they are elected, let us remember to keep them in our prayers, that their leadership is guided by you.


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After a time of rest, it's time to resurrect this blog with a light on prayer and building our own personal prayer garden. A woman of faith, I want to share my personal insights into God and the Gospel in the hopes that these touch another heart, encouraging them to come to Christ.

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