Mar 7 – Planting

 You have not chosen Me,
I have chosen you.
I have set you apart
for the work of bringing in fruit.  
Your fruit should last.
And whatever you ask the Father in My name,
He will give it to you.  ~~John 15:16

It’s time for all of us to accept out gift(s) from God and work them.  Tend them to bring forth fruit.  God’s not just talking about planting and growing, He’s talking also about planting His seeds, by sharing your faith, nurturing what you plant, and encouraging others.  Those others may already be believers or they may be foreigners, non-believers.   May your seed planting be prosperous.

Published by: Seekers of Christ, Let's Pray

Let me tell you who I'm not. I'm not a Pastor or trained religious scholar. I have no degrees that declare me qualified; I have a God who makes it so. So, how can I write about Christ? How can I teach, preach, evangelize, share or testify? I am doing nothing more than answering a call from God. I am a woman of faith, a nobody, as a current song espouses, who wants to tell everybody about somebody. I want to share my personal insights into God and the Gospel, the Good New. I want to share the hope that is given to us and share the unbelievable gifts of grace, mercy and forgiveness that is given so freely with the birth, death, resurrection and acceptance of God's son, Jesus Christ.

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